#1415 – I’m a Jerk

I don’t mean to make Michelle seem mean or naggy. I mostly just don’t want to make fun of her, because that seems mean, and I have no problem making myself seem dumb and the butt of the joke. The downside is she starts to come across as mean, when she’s not at all. Maybe it’s an issue with the way I’ve been telling jokes lately.


3 thoughts on “#1415 – I’m a Jerk

  1. I keep wondering if The Viking gets annoyed when I talk about him. He says it doesn’t bother him a bit. Maybe Michelle would like The Viking’s phone number? Maybe someone should start a support group for the spouses of bloggers and writers. And now that I’m really invested in this conversation, maybe the spouses would be funnier than we are. The support group minutes could be hilarious because they would be talking about US! And they might perform an artistic coup. We might have to become street performers or something and I’m terrible at that! OKAY! You have to stop making Michelle sound mean and naggy! Seriously! If I end up on a street corner trying to dance like a monkey with cymbals I will not. be. happy.

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