Sketch a Day, Day 155


The concept art is starting to roll in. Its got me pretty excited about the whole thing.


Sketch a Day, Day 154


20120429-214216.jpgI got a haircut today. No big deal, it happens a couple of times a year. But today, the woman cutting my hair accidentally started to shave off my sideburn. I don’t know why she did it (I said “trim,” but I guess she misunderstood), but the damage is done. It should grow back in a week or two, but in the meantime, I look a bit lopsided.

Sketch a Day, Day 149


It was a rough day at work today. Not because of any specific incident, it was just a rough time. And now I’m watching yesterday’s Colbert Report and seeing an idiot try to say that human beings coexisted at the same time as dinosaurs.

And he’s a guy who was responsible for setting state science curriculum standards in Texas. Kinda want him to never hold a position of authority ever again.

Sketch a Day, Day 148


We have a couple of teachers who take everything the students say and do personally. You can’t do that. Especially when you teach special education. Kids say and do lots of bullshit, and they like pushing boundaries. Letting them get you worked up is letting them win.

Sketch a. day, Day 147


There are things I simply cannot explain. My wife would definitely agree that my farts have become too powerful. I’m also fairly certain my brothers would disagree that it’s even possible to have farts that are too powerful.

And this is probably the weirdest post I’ve done on here. I am probably over-sharing. But isn’t that what the Internet is for?