Sketch a Day, Day 215


Though the power came back on late this evening at our place, we still decided to spend the evening at my sister-in-law’s place, where they hadn’t lost power. Even my in-laws came over to stay. Good times with the whole family!


Power Outage

The comic for Friday, June 29th, will be delayed until the morning at the earliest. Power went out just as I finished drawing, so I didn’t get a chance to upload from my (wifi only) iPad. But it’s done! I promise!

Sketch a Day, Day 211


Yeah, I’ve been sitting on the floor a lot this past week, playing back through the Assassin’s Creed series (I’m already on Revelations again today). But my knees can’t handle sitting cross-legged on the floor so much anymore. Getting old stinks.

Sketch a Day, Day 209


We hosted a pie party Saturday night. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of sugar, something my wife doesn’t usually have that much of. As a result, she was kinda knocked on her butt all day yesterday from the sugar crash.

The pies were all delicious, though.

Sketch a Day, Day 208


I’ve been watching Wolverine and the X-Men on Netflix the past couple of nights. It’s…not a very good show. It has an interesting premise, and it has a sense of humor, but it’s still not particularly good. I’m trying X-Men: Evolution as well, and it’s not really any better (possibly worse, in fact). Granted, I grew up with the ’90s X-Men cartoon, which in hindsight was absolutely terrible, so I guess things could be worse.