Sketch a Day, Day 123


Sorry about the lack of sketches on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was our annual school talent show, which my wife and I basically run. So I was pretty wiped out after that.

For Friday, I just wasn’t up for it. It was the end of the third grading period, so I’m a little out of it.

Anyway, now it’s Spring Break, so I should get all caught up on the sketches tomorrow and not fall behind again for awhile, at least.

Today was a fairly busy day. The big news – and the thing that took up most of my day – was I bought a car today. A 2012 Ford Focus. I’m pretty excited, since I’ve never bought a new car before (of the five cars I owned before this, each one had been given to us by or purchased from a family member), and as previous comics have pointed out, I was more than a little concerned about the negotiation process. Turned out not to be too bad, though they do get downright confused when you turn down the extended warranty.

Anyway, yes, now I feel I am truly an adult, because I have made a major purchase on my own. I am a man!


Sketch a Day, Day 122


I went and test-drove a couple more cars tonight. I think I’ve picked out the one I like, and I’ll probably go buy it this weekend. It makes me feel very adult, buying a car. Like I’ve achieved some important milestone or something.

Sketch a Day, Day 121


So my birthday went well, until about thirty minutes ago. See, my iPad has a giant crack running across the screen.

I am, as you may well imagine, quite upset about this. I mean, I’ve had it less than two weeks. It still works, but I’m very upset about it. I’m going to take it I and see if I can get it replaced,but I’m still ticked off.

Sketch a Day, Day 119


I performed an experiment today. When I sang a song by the band Styx – specifically, the song “Lady” – the cats walked away and generally looked perturbed. But when I sang anything by any other band, they would come back over and generally give every evidence of enjoying the music. In short, my cats hate Styx.

Sketch a Day, Day 118

Bully, indeed.

Here’s the final version of the Teddy Roosevelt vs. a Bear image that my sister-in-law, Allison, will put on my birthday cake this coming Tuesday. I’m pretty pleased with it. Had to kind of make it up as I went along with the bear, but I think it was the best of the three TRvB pictures I’ve drawn.

Anyway, tomorrow I celebrate with the in-laws. That should be entertaining. Plus, I get to eat steak, and I do love me some steak.

Sketch a Day, Day 115

This actually sorta happened.  Except for the hugging bit, really.

Being a teacher – especially one who works with students with exceptional needs – often feels like a thankless uphill struggle. It’s often difficult to see what little progress is being made, if any. Many days, it feels like you’ve slipped backwards.

But then there are the days…then, there are the days when a student says something, or does something, or reveals that they’ve actually been learning from you, that you’ve managed to get through to them, that you’ve had an impact.

Those are the good days.

My wife had one of those days today. I don’t think she actually hugged the student who said this, but I think she really wanted to.

Sometimes, you have one of the good days, and you remember why you do this job with the low pay and the long hours and the politicians using you as a talking point in a battle over spending cuts. Sometimes, it’s worth it to be a teacher.