#1338 – Hand Jive

Hands are tricky, yo.


#1331 – Ginger Ale

Look, I’m generally a pretty accepting person. I don’t rightly care about the brand of most things, be they breakfast cereals or chips or clothes or what-have-you. But there is a discernible difference between Canada Dry and all other, inferior ginger ales. I will fight you on this.

#1330 – CSI: NoVA

I will never not find CSI: Miami jokes funny. Anytime you can end something with a one-liner segueing into Roger Daltry screaming, “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” in that throat-rending way, it’s comedy gold as far as I’m concerned.

The basic text of today’s comic was sent to my sister-in-law via text message along with the following picture:

I cannot smile normally
I feel my work here is done.