11 thoughts on “#1414 – Readership

  1. i think we read it via the reader, or if sent via email to their mailbox read it in their mailbox; and that does not register in the numbers box. that is my theory anyway. which explains why every one now makes it compulsory to go to the blog page to read more. but with the cartoons they can be seen without going to your webpage.

  2. Do you track your email reads? Set it up through MailChimp and you’ll get more stats. I read as much as your comics as I can and think they’re hilarious. It’s like my daily dose of “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

    1. Yeah. I sees lot of that on Twitter, too. My follower count stays around the same because someone will follow, then unfollow a few days later when I don’t reciprocate. But I can’t keep up with the people I already follow, let alone new folks!

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