#1891 – The Beach Fights Back


We’re back from vacation! The beach was a lot of fun, though Donovan tried to fight the beach and, um, lost.



I’m on vacation this week, so I’m taking a break from the comic for the week. Also, I’ve got like seven commissions to draw in the next five days, so I’m kinda busy on the beach.

#1887 – The Return of Free Time


Finally got the third major draft of my next book done! It is now off to the editor, who should have it back to me in a week or two. and then I can fix everything and do all the formatting and get a book cover and put this thing out by the end of September at the latest! Hurray!

#1886 – Pirate Filler


A few weeks back, I was working on a big commission series about a Wall Street-type guy who falls through a hole in space and ends up fighting to defend a ship from all sorts of threats. I sorta got lost in the narrative I was creating and forgot it was just, um, a metaphor for a company guiding investors or whatever. The client ended up not using this image, so I thought I’d share it here instead.