#1830 – Green Stuff


I’m just as surprised as you are that I’ve lived as long as I have with my attitude towards food.


#1829 – Gridlock


Apparently Amazon sells tiny houses now. But where would you have them delivered to?

#1827 – Jiggle Physics


Man, remember the Dead or Alive fighting game, and it’s “jiggle physics?” It was titillating (which is a single entendre here, I think) for about five minutes when I was 15 or so, then I wanted to turn the damn effect off because it was just off-putting. As the Wife said of the anime we watched five minutes of (and then turned off because it was weird and kinda gross with the whole sexualized high school girls thing), boobs don’t bounce and jiggle like that every time a woman does anything.

Perhaps…perhaps anime isn’t the bastion of anatomy and physics we were led to believe?

#1824 – Bzzonk


I got the program working again! Admittedly, I did so by uninstalling the latest Windows 10 update, but it’s working again!

And then our power kept blinking out Sunday night as I was trying to get the comic done. Good times.



Still don’t have the problem with Clip Studio fixed, so I tried drawing this in Sketchbook Pro. I used to do all of my comics in Sketchbook Pro, but I like Clip Studio better. There are lots of things it just does better and more intuitively. I’m hoping the Clip Studio pen problem will be fixed soon. In the meantime, here’s a doodle for you.

No Comic Tonight

Windows did an update that borked my pen and the program I draw in. Think I finally have it fixed, at least until they run another update and screw it all up again, but it’s too late to draw anything tonight. Comic tomorrow, assuming my Surface Pro doesn’t blow up overnight.