Sketch a Day, Day 94

God, that hand in panel two...

Yet another comic based on real-life things I actually hear in my house. I’m tempted to just follow my sister-in-law around and make the comic about her everyday life. It’d be hysterical.


Sketch a Day, Day 93

Seriously, it's old news, but Rob Liefeld cannot draw.

Today, I had to explain to my wife and sisters-in-law who Rob Liefeld was. It…wasn’t pretty.

Seriously, anyone who read comics back in the ’90s already knows everything I’m about to say, but for the uninitiated: Rob Liefeld is a comic book “artist” who cannot draw. His grasp of anatomy and perspective were…woefully inadequate, to say the least. Back during the 1990s, you couldn’t open a Marvel book without seeming his artwork, and now…despite the fact that it’s twenty years later and the comic book speculation that his own work helped fuel has burst in a way that’s painful to even talk about…despite all this, he is writing drawing and writing a book (and writing two others) for DC. It just…doesn’t make any sense.

So yeah, a Liefeld joke. Because it’s still timely and appropriate in the year 2012, apparently.

Sketch a Day, Day 91

I'd thank all the little people, but what've they done for me?

So I guess the Oscars are tonight? I dunno, I won’t be watching.

However! However, I was nominated for something called a Versatile Bloggers’ Award by Tippeh, which I thought was quite lovely even though I’m not really at all sure how it’s supposed to work or if I have to make a speech or something. I certainly hope there’s no getting dressed up involved.

Sketch a Day, Day 89

I like the idea or repairing reality with a hammer.

Several years back, my friend Chad kicked a webcomic idea my way about a guy (I can’t recall the character’s name now, sadly) who was a reality repairman. I loved the idea, and I did a few initial character sketches, but nothing ended up coming of the project because (1) I couldn’t manage my time and (2) I was actually busy as hell working full-time, just getting into my relationship with the woman who would become my wife, and taking graduate classes to earn my teaching license. And I was still doing Crooked Halo, so I had a pretty full plate.

So this sketch is based (loosely) on what I recall of the original character design. I still love the idea of him having kind of a frat-bro look about him, with the casual-looking-but-it-actually-took-effort hair and the douchey goatee thing. Also, I had this idea that he’d probably solve most of his problems with a hammer. What? It’s not any less-probable than the Doctor fixing everything with that screwdriver of his, sonic or otherwise.