Sketch a Day, Day 185


I’m pretty proud of how this particular piece turned out. I haven’t ever really done anything that didn’t have line art, so that was a major challenge. Keeping my layers in order and making sure I knew where I was and what I was doing was pretty difficult, but I think the result was pretty fantastic. The hardest part was probably the shading, since I couldn’t just use my usual gray tones on this (it would’ve looked weird, I’m sure). Overall, it was a pretty worthwhile experiment, I think.


Sketch a Day, Day 184


I did meet my wife’s nutritionist last week. She’s a very nice (if slightly hippie-drippy) woman who has done some wonderful things for my wife. They convinced me to try to eat more healthfully, which I am making an effort to do. Some days it goes better than others, though.

Sketch a Day, Day 183


The wife and I are watching the Hatfields and McCoys miniseries on the History Channel. It’s pretty good, though one does get the feeling a lot of the trouble could have been avoided if folks had just not spent so much time drinking and messing about with firearms.

Sketch a Day, Day 182


Here in the United States, Monday was Memorial Day. There have been several members of my family who have served in one branch or another of the military, and it’s not something anyone should ever take lightly. Whether you agree with our country’s reasons for going to war or. It, dedicating yourself to a larger cause and being willing to lay down your life for it is something that is pretty damn admirable.