Civic Duty

What with Covid-19 and all, we decided to be cautious this year and do mail-in ballots. Mind you, we’re not putting them in the mailbox; rather, we’re delivering them to the dropbox at the county government center, just to be sure.

Self-Inflicted Haircut

We gave ourselves haircuts over the weekend! I did the Wife’s hair, and then my sister-in-law did the back of my head and I did the rest. It’s actually not that short, and I’m pretty pleased with it overall. Considering the whole thing was done with clippers, it turned out pretty nice.



Hey, everyone! I’m alive! Alive and distance teaching for the remainder of the school year. It’s been challenging so far, what with technical issues and just sitting at home every day and never going anywhere ever. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on external structure for my day to day life (I come to this realization about once every six months, for those keeping records).

One thing that’s helped has been playing Animal Crossing. Both Michelle and Meredith got Nintendo Switch Lites and the game, so we’re all playing together and helping each other out. It’s very relaxing, though trying to get everything juuuuust riiight can be challenging and frustrating.

Diabetes Cover

diabetes cover

So, as you may or may not know, I have Type 2 diabetes. It’s a pain in the ass. I’ve written a short graphic memoir about it. Some of it recycles some older comics I wrote about it when I was first diagnosed, It’ll all be in color! Here’s the cover.