#1375 – Rum RNC

I know there are conservatives who follow the comic, and I try not to get political, but the notion of a Trump presidency terrifies and disgusts me. He’s the gross vomit-flavored cotton candy of candidates: there’s no real substance to anything that he says, and consuming too much of his stuff in one sitting will make you so sick to your stomach.

#1373 – Sugar Diabetus

I’ve had the idea for this one in the chamber for years. Wish I had a different reason to finally use it.

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#1371 – Test Results

I mean, he’s technically using it consistent with his follow-up statement, but still, have you ever heard someone use the phrase “out of this world” in anything other than a positive connotation?

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#1370 – Film Review Noir

Seriously though, complaining that a movie has “ruined your childhood” is so ridiculous. If you don’t like a movie ’cause they made the main characters ladies, you have other problems. And should go pull your head out of your own ass. 

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