#1468 – Fifth Anniversary, Take 3

Four fingers and a thumb on a hand? What is this, the real world? Everyone knows comics have three fingers and a thumb!


#1464 – A Real Reason to Give Thanks

I think we can all agree 2016 has been a weird, difficult year. Even if you’re not trepidatious about the ongoing garbage fire that is the upcoming Trump presidency, the terrible crap going down at the DAPL site and the fact that we don’t have David Bowie, Prince, or a whole,host of others around to help us get through it all…it’s enough to make anyone lose heart.

But! But, there are good things, too. Things to be truly thankful for. The Wife’s amazing pies are pretty high up on that list. My book, which you can totally pre-order right now, is also a positive., y’know, don’t let the world get you down too much. We’re still here, we’re still fighting.

And there’s always pie.

#1463 – Thanksgiving Prep

Michelle has a thanksgiving binder that includes a schedule for when to start cooking various things. My job is to keep the baby out of the kitchen and help Michelle get to the couch when she gets the spins.