Sketch a Day, Day 368





So, just for the heck of it, and because apparently I’ve got all the free time in the world (no, I don’t), I’ve decided to see if there’s any interest in commissions out there.

Anyway, here’s how it’d work: there will be a few different options, including size of paper (I’ve got 3″x5″ sketch cards I can use, 8.5″x11″ cardstock, and a rather larger size Bristol board at my disposal). On the sketch cards, I can manage either a simple single-panel comic or a single image of your choosing. On the 8.5″x11″ cardstock, I can do multiple-panel comics or a larger single image of two or three characters. On the Bristol board, multiple-panel comics or a single image with several characters is possible. Each black and white image would have grayscale shading, just like in my daily comics. Sorry, I can’t really do color stuff with pen and paper drawings. Pricing would be as follows:

Sketch Card, Single Image or Single-Panel Comic: $5 plus shipping and handling
Cardstock, Single Image: $10 plus S&H
Cardstock, Comic: $12 plus S&H
Bristol Board, Single Image: $15 plus S&H
Bristol Board, Comic: $20 plus S&H

Shipping costs will depend on your location; costs within the continental United States would obviously be lower than international shipping (since I live in the U.S.).

Now, if you wanted a digital commission, that could also be arranged, and there wouldn’t be any shipping costs involved. I could also manage to do color with a digital image. Prices for that would vary depending on number of characters, number of panels, etc.

Anyone who is interested can contact me at crookedhalo42 [at] to discuss rates, subject matter, etc.

Sketch a Day, Day 366


Seriously, Thanksgiving Break screwed up my sleep schedule completely. I’m so tired when I get home in the afternoon, I end up taking a nap on the couch, which causes me to have trouble sleeping at night. Which in turn makes me tired the next day, so I end up taking a nap on the couch when I get home from work. And so on.

The Sketch a Day Project

So, the 365th day of the Sketch a Day was a pretty freakin’ huge success, if I do say so myself.

My usual page views per day range from somewhere around 20-30. Fifty, on a good day.

But for Sketch 365? I pulled in 448 page views, more than double my previous best day back in April (220 page views that day).

So yeah, I was pretty chuffed about that. Felt good, felt kinda humbling, too, though, ’cause I usually worry that my stuff is pretty half-assed and I constantly second guess myself. To have so many people come and take a look at my stuff and express their enjoyment of it is rather lovely, I think.

The Sketch a Day isn’t going away. I’m enjoying it, and it feels like I’m finally finding a pretty good audience. And honestly, if even a handful of the new visitors stick around, it’ll be nice.

NaNoWriMo Update #9

I think I’m done with the first draft of the novel.

I’m up a bit later than I really should be, considering I haven’t slept much the past two nights, but I was so close to being done, and felt kinda inspired tonight, so I decided to just push on through anyway. I ended up with about 50,100 words or so, give or take.

Admittedly, this is just the first – probably very rough – draft, and it’ll need some other eyes to take a look at it and make some suggestions and help me make sure it makes sense and isn’t complete rubbish.

But hey, I’ve written a novel-length story, or two stories that I’ve stitched together haphazardly into a single story! Huzzah!

Sketch a Day, Day 365


Three-hundred and sixty-five.

A year ago, I decided to start drawing regularly again. The original intention was that I’d draw something quickly – from rough sketch to finished product in less than half an hour.

Yeah, that lasted less than a month.

It went from simple sketches to comics, and I started doing things like shading.

It’s been a lot of fun, even if its been challenging to get a drawing done each day.

So yeah, a year. I’m looking forward to the next year, and I hope you’ll join me!

Sketch a Day, Day 364


My wife makes this dish of mashed turnips and potatoes called rutmush (pronounced “root moose”). It’s a traditional Italian Swedish thing, apparently. I am not fond of it at all. The first Thanksgiving we had together, I thought it was just mashed potatoes. I was…wrong.