#1854 – Aggressive Ennui

comic1854Assume that every line of dialogue I speak in this comic is with a comically-bad French accent. It’s way funnier.


#1850 – Cancer


I was asked to do some comics on Fiverr about cancer. Well, originally that’s how it started. After I came up with several options (that were all shot down by the client’s patients), it’s morphed into just a couple of comics that are simply funny and about life. So I’ve probably dodged a karmic bullet there.

#1848 – Mango


The Wife nearly yelled this at me this morning while she was still asleep. The fact that we live in a townhouse and have nowhere to plant a mango tree–and the fact that the Wife is allergic to mangoes–did not seem to matter.

#1847 – Gone ‘Zon


I spoke about it at length on my author blog, but long story short: my Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account has been terminated, much to my frustration. I’m trying to get it sorted out, but in the meantime I’m setting up my books to be available through other websites.