#989 – The Sporting Life


I am not a good shot.

I’m a decent writer, though, so you should go buy my book.


#984 – A Certain Set of Skills


Every movie he’s in, someone messes with Liam Neeson. And every movie, he messes those fools up. I don’t understand why people keep messing with him.

And hey, if you’re interested in folks messing other folks up, check out my novella!

See what I did there? That was what we call a segue.

#983 – The Zaps


Antidepressants are weird, and getting off of one can be almost as bad as when the meds don’t work well. The zaps are way better than the blinding headaches I was getting with the meds.

#981 – Change is Hard


Change is difficult. I finally picked a new phone background, though.


Wish I could claim credit for it, but it was drawn by my friend Ping Teo. She’s awesome.

You can still buy the book. I’ve also put up preorders for the second book!