#1598 – Purse


The Wife accidentally spilled coffee in her purse late last month.  I took it to the cleaners to have it taken care of, and picked it up yesterday, much to her joy.


#1596 – Gummy


We eat beef jerky at our peril.  And sometimes we have to floss to get it out from between the teeth, but we haven’t flossed in a while and it irritates our gums and causes them to get inflamed and we can’t tell if there’s still beef jerky between our teeth or if our gums have swollen and just happen to have the same texture as beef jerky.

#1595 – Testing


The Virginia Standards of Learning (or SOLs), as the end of course tests are called, are a difficult time for the students.  For some, their score is not quite high enough for a pass, but it is high enough they can do an expedited retake in a week or two and hopefully raise their score high enough for a pass.