#2179 – Despatches From the Frontline


You shoulda seen the first panel of this comic with the cell shading I originally did. But then I screwed it up on the second and third panels (everything looked way too washed out), so I scraped it. Maybe I’ll post just panel 1 on Instagram tomorrow or something.

#2178 – NaNoWriMo 2019


It’s National Novel Writing Month! I’m working on Book 6 this month. Admittedly, I got an early start, and I’m already 12,000 words into it. Will I manage to write the whole book this month? Who knows!

#2176 – Chinese Food


Ever since I got food poisoning from a Chinese restaurant back in high school, I’ve been gun shy about Chinese food. Michelle and Meredith are actually much nicer about it than this, if I’m being honest, but that wouldn’t be as funny.

#2174 – Job Title


While talking to her sister this evening, Michelle was checking out Derrick’s LinkedIn profile. He’s apparently a Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Manager, which is a thing? I dunno. I’ve only ever been a teacher, and I’ve never had a LinkedIn profile.