#1875 – Free Fallin’


It’s a long way to the bottom.


#1873 – For The Least Of These


I could spend paragraphs ranting about this, but the fact that a member of the federal government–the Attorney General of the United States–got up in front of cameras and reporters and told the country and the world that it was totally okay to take small children and infants away from their parents because of a Bible verse (and completely ignoring all the ones that tell you to treat children and foreigners as family) is just straight-up sickening.

#1872 – Hand Cramp


With school finally over and done with, I was able to concentrate on a couple of massive comic commissions that needed finishing. But it meant I drew a lot of comics on Monday and on into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. This particular comic, for instance, was not completed until 3:00 AM.

I’m gonna go sleep for 90 years now.