#1032 – Bear!


Michelle fears the Bears. I assume we have not been eaten by a bear, but I can’t guarantee it. 


#1030 – Camping Time


He Wife and I are in Texas camping with my family as we speak! She’s never been before, so it’s certain to be an experience for her. I assume we have not been eaten by bears.  

#1029 – Level 35


It’s my birthday, but I’m gonna give you a present: my debut novella, Missing Person, is available for free this weekend!

And I’m 35 today! I’m on the road somewhere beteween Virginia and Texas. Comics will continue all next week while I’m away.

#1024 – Political Ideologies

Students ask me about my political leanings all the time, and I always have to tell them that I can’t tell them because I don’t want to be accused of brainwashing the kids. 

Of course, if they actually listened to what I say for about ten minutes, they could probably figure it out.