#1309 – Stylin’

Having signed the official contract Wednesday morning, I’m officially an author for Royal James Publishing! They’ll be doing the real-deal official announcement early next week, but said I could go ahead and start telling folks.

There’s not a firm official publication date for The Invisible Crown yet. All sorts of other stuff has to happen first: editing, revisions, formatting, a cover, marketing, and etc. rest assured I will tell everyone when and where they can buy it. I might even try to swing s couple of signings in the northern Virginia/DC Metro area. And possibly somewhere in Oklahoma or Arkansas, since I have friends and family there. Maybe my alma mater would have me come do something? I could warp some young college minds for a few hours.


2 thoughts on “#1309 – Stylin’

  1. Nice,
    But I will expect a signing at the local book store here in BFE, Central Minnesota; preferably in February during a snow storm or 30 below weather. That would be great, thanks ;P

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