#1847 – Gone ‘Zon


I spoke about it at length on my author blog, but long story short: my Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account has been terminated, much to my frustration. I’m trying to get it sorted out, but in the meantime I’m setting up my books to be available through other websites.

#1782 – Impostor!


Book 3 has been edited! Now I just have to go through the edits and all that, and hope my sense of self allows me to not feel like crap about everything I’ve written.

#1360 – Comma Sense

It’s my mom’s birthday on Sunday, and she asked me to make a comic for her. She had me proofread, edit, and type up all of her papers when she was renewing her teaching license in the early 1990s. I learned a lot about writing from that, though she’s just as prone to excessive comma usage as I am.

#1313 – Set Default Font

I don’t know why Microsoft decided a few years back to switch the default font in Word from Times New Roman 12 pt. to Calibri 11 pt., or why they changed default spacing from 1 to 1.15 with space after the paragraph, but fixing the damn formatting in Word is the first thing I do every time I get a new computer.

#1309 – Stylin’

Having signed the official contract Wednesday morning, I’m officially an author for Royal James Publishing! They’ll be doing the real-deal official announcement early next week, but said I could go ahead and start telling folks.

There’s not a firm official publication date for The Invisible Crown yet. All sorts of other stuff has to happen first: editing, revisions, formatting, a cover, marketing, and etc. rest assured I will tell everyone when and where they can buy it. I might even try to swing s couple of signings in the northern Virginia/DC Metro area. And possibly somewhere in Oklahoma or Arkansas, since I have friends and family there. Maybe my alma mater would have me come do something? I could warp some young college minds for a few hours.