Sketch a Day, Day 524


Figured out how to come up with some basic panel grids and how to import them into my sketching app. Also, found the fill tool. Still no crop tool, though, which is weird and annoying. May have to import sketches into another program to crop? Lame.

So yeah, if anyone knows how to crop an image in Sketch Book Pro, I’m all ears.

4 thoughts on “Sketch a Day, Day 524

    1. It’s sketchbook pro for the iPad. I don’t think they expected people to use that particular app for doing things in various sizes, unfortunately. It’s great for drawing, not so great for things like adding text, cropping images, etc.

  1. Looks great but please keep the chicken scratch, it gives so much character to the comic. I’m not sure we want a “professional” cartoon if it loses that character! Love how you’re ‘exploring’ the boxes in this sketch though, so much fun! 😀

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