Sketch a Day, Day 514 – St. George & His Dragon, Page 3

George stared after the girl as she walked off, his jaw hanging open. He found his voice idling somewhere in the back of his throat and called out, “Hey! Wait!” The girl stopped and whirled back around to face him, her eyes staring daggers through him.

“What?” she asked so icily, George actually thought he felt a brief chill.

“I…I wanted to say I’m sorry,” he stammered, looking down at his feet as if the sight of his dirty tennis shoes might give him courage. “What I said was, um…” He trailed off.

“Stupid?” she suggested. He nodded mutely. She sighed and thrust out a hand to him. “Well, I guess your apology is accepted. Just try not to be so…stupid from now on, okay?” Again, George replied with a mute nod.

“Wanna play dragonslayer wit’ me?” he mumbled. “You can be the knight, if you want.”

“I’d rather be the dragon,” she replied with a wicked smile. “But you won’t be slaying me.”

George looked up, confused. “Why not? That’s the whole point of dragonslayer. It’s right there in the name.”

“Well, we’re gonna do it differently. We’re gonna have an adventure together.” She sounded very certain, as though the game had already been played and the outcome was an inevitable fate.

George shrugged, “Okay, what do we do?”

She grinned again, and her teeth look a bit sharper, her skin a bit scalier. “Follow me.”


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