5 thoughts on “Sketch a Day, Day 422

  1. Could be worst things they put in there, like dead mice or birds! Your cats just bringing you a gift as master of the house! My mum always called tampons mice, maybe he’s seen the same thing and got confused, poor cat?

    1. They are about the same size as the toy mice my cats play with, so there’s probably something to that idea…

      Hey, you still want that commission? Send me a picture and description of what you want.

      1. Apologies, I forgot I was meant to send you the stuff! Will try and find you a pic of me but I have long light brown hair and blue eyes and very white skin. What I’m after is an image (cartoony!) of me in my red wheelchair (it has red seat, silver tubing with red sleeves on bottom of front bars, a black footplate, and black cushion (though you don’t see much of that round me!), plus wheels that are black tyres with red lines through, plus red spokes) with craft stuff in my lap, some falling out over my shoulder (eg ribbons / tape measure), knitting needles in my hair etc, with my assistance dog watching while carrying a piece of material or something in his mouth. He’s a chocolate Labrador, with gorgeous reddish colour by his ears. He has lovely brown eyes that are really expressive, and his body comes to just below the height of my lap while I’m sat in my chair.
        Hope that all makes sense and gives you a starting point for making the image for me please? Will send you the pic of me, and one of Yaris my dog, as soon as I can.
        Best wishes,

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