Sketch a Day, Day 363


Another break draws to a close. But Christmas is just around the corner!

Oh God, Christmas is just around the corner…


23 thoughts on “Sketch a Day, Day 363

  1. Haha 😀 I have this dilemma all the time. I often feel like just putting LotR on, but anything past 9pm is a mistake unless you don’t mind looking and feeling like a total wreck the next day!

      1. Could I get you to do a quick sketch for me? I returned two weeks ago from a mission trip to Belize. We have our time to tell the church about it tomorrow morning. I want to announce a program of pen pals between the children in our church and those we met in Belize.

        If you have time to sketch a little promotion picture I would be happy to give you credit in a follow on post here.

  2. This is just like our house. Then every now and then I think – hey I’m a grown up – I can stay up as long as I want. Then the next day I remember that I’m down the other side of being able to stay up late and go to work.

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