Sketch a Day, Day 123


Sorry about the lack of sketches on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was our annual school talent show, which my wife and I basically run. So I was pretty wiped out after that.

For Friday, I just wasn’t up for it. It was the end of the third grading period, so I’m a little out of it.

Anyway, now it’s Spring Break, so I should get all caught up on the sketches tomorrow and not fall behind again for awhile, at least.

Today was a fairly busy day. The big news – and the thing that took up most of my day – was I bought a car today. A 2012 Ford Focus. I’m pretty excited, since I’ve never bought a new car before (of the five cars I owned before this, each one had been given to us by or purchased from a family member), and as previous comics have pointed out, I was more than a little concerned about the negotiation process. Turned out not to be too bad, though they do get downright confused when you turn down the extended warranty.

Anyway, yes, now I feel I am truly an adult, because I have made a major purchase on my own. I am a man!

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