Sketch a Day, Day 50

Today marks the 50th sketch I’ve drawn for the Sketch a Day project. In honor of that, it’s on a larger piece of paper (from one of my sketch pads) instead of an index card. It features my usual avatar, plus two characters from my now-defunct comic strip, Crooked Halo (I don’t currently have access to the archives, or else I’d have linked to them. I keep hoping someday Adam will either grab the domain name back, or will at least get rid of the redirect that points our Comic Genesis site there. I’d do it, but I’m pretty hopeless with html). The shoulder angel is Earl, the Archangel, possibly the least-effective guardian angel in the history of ever, while the shoulder devil is Tim Tation, the anthropomorphic personification of temptation. They’re a fun couple of characters to write, and if I ever did another comic strip (which, God willing, someday I will), they’re probably the two characters I’d choose to follow around.

Seriously though, if I start imagining these guys on my shoulders, someone please call a hospital for me.

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