#1240 – The Trail Master Returns!

Why yes, I am doing a sequel to my own storyline from a completely different comic series that ended six or seven years ago. Who can stop me? No one, that’s who.

If you’re curious to read the original story, the Trail Master shows up around here.

#1204 – Apathy Remix

Today’s comic is a redrawn version of a classic (can I call my own work classic?) Crooked Halo comic from, like, over a decade ago. The art has improved a lot since then. 

#1090 – The End

I stopped drawing Crooked Halo about seven or eight years ago, right in the middle of a storyline. And I always felt kinda bad about leaving it unfinished. This wasn’t exactly the way I intended to end things for it, but it’s the end it’ll get.

Next week, back to our usual hijinks.