#1575 – I May Never Learn


This is the first comic created with my new comic-making setup!  I went and got a Surface Pro 3 and I’m using Clip Studio Pro (what used to be called Manga Studio).  I like the variety of brushes and pencils, and it feels very natural to draw on.  Plus, unlike when I was using the old Sketchbook Pro app on my iPad (an app the publisher was no longer supporting and that wouldn’t be available come this fall when the new version of iOS came out), I can create a custom size canvas and add text directly to the comic in the app (instead of using three – three – apps to accomplish all this before).

I also took the opportunity to try out a new font.  Do you like it?  Is it easy to read?  Could I make it smaller?  Is the comic itself big enough?  Too big?  Tell me what you think!


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