#1501 – MLK

I know this is a gag-a-day, slice-of-life comic about a nerdy couple and their cats, but let’s be serious for a moment.

Today is a day celebrating the accomplishments and dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the biggest names in the American Civil Rights Movement. His dream of an America where people were judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, remains woefully distant. Each of us has to stand up and fight for that dream, against hatred and oppression and those who would see us turn the clock back sixty or even one hundred and sixty years. Our society is at its best when it works for the common good. That means doing what helps people, not what hurts them. Just something to consider while our Congress votes on whether or not to eliminate health insurance for millions of people and get rid of protections against pre-existing conditions and lifetime benefit limits. Dr. King was many things, but first and foremost he was a fighter. Not in the violent, punch a guy in the face sort of way, but in the stand up for what you know is right and never back down sort of way. We can all honor his ideals by standing against injustice, even if there’s no direct benefit for you personally. We all benefit when the least of us are treated with dignity and respect. 


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