#1327 – Notice

Seriously, I moved the notice of when the state testing stuff begins by a foot or so and changed to a different color marker, and the kids all freaked out.

Never mind the fact that I’ve mentioned when the tests are every single class period for the last month.


3 thoughts on “#1327 – Notice

  1. I remember when our AP English teacher left on sabbatical for a couple of months. No one else was qualified to teach our class, so after we finished the test review booklet (which took maybe two weeks), we just wandered around the classroom for 45 minutes a day. There was a poem the teacher left on the blackboard for another class that, after we stared at it for a while, we realized would still rhyme if you read it backwards! I’m pretty sure that, not only would we have noticed your notice, we probably would have diagrammed it, illustrated it, and written a paper on the author’s use of color and placement to convey meaning.

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