#1234 – Public Service Announcement, No Guitars

Seriously, students showing up in gym shorts to school every day, regardless of the temperature. My youngest brother did it for ages. I do not understand.


2 thoughts on “#1234 – Public Service Announcement, No Guitars

  1. It’s a fashion statement, and one must suffer for fashion. Also, if you ever lived in Minnesota, 24 degrees is practically balmy. We’re expecting -10 temps in the next 7 days, go out in that in shorts and you’ll just freeze where you stand. 🙂

    1. I think it’s less fashion and more asserting independence. “Look at me, I wear shorts when everyone says I should be wearing pants. I am my own man.”

      I’ve never really cared about fashion, honestly, which is probably why I was still wearing plaid flannel shirts well into the…um, present day.

      And I’ll give a hard pass to -10° temperatures, thank you very much. I may love cold weather, but even I have my limits.

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