#1196 – The New Colossus*

He whole situation makes me sick. We call ourselves a Christian nation, but let’s not take in refugees fleeing terrible atrocities. Never mind the erroneous propaganda they’re spewing, talking about “200,000 refugees” (the number is closer to 10,000). 


4 thoughts on “#1196 – The New Colossus*

  1. I say let them Stay! Teach them to be cooks and put them to work. Our nation is in the worst way with the number of people trained and willing to be Cooks at a restaurant. It took me 4 weeks just to find two people who I could train to be line cooks. I keep hearing about people who want to work, but none of them want to work at restaurants. It makes zero sense to me.

    1. Or better yet, let’s put them to work doing infrastructure upgrades, improvements, and repairs. We decry the state of our highways and bridges, some of which haven’t been maintained much since they were built sixty or seventy years ago, but we don’t put any money or effort into it.

      More cooks would also be great, though, and for a Christian nation we are sure not kind to our proverbial neighbors.

      1. Great points. Of course all the unions and contractor companies would cry that our nation is giving all the good jobs to the immigrants. If we give them jobs that no one else wants to do, then I don’t think anyone would complain. I’m certainly not saying we shouldn’t give them a decent wage, just train them to do the work that the rest of the US citizens are apparently too go for.

      2. I’m pretty sure there are folks who would complain regardless and say “the immigrants are takin’ our jobs!” Some folks are just like that.

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