6 thoughts on “#855 – Coleslaw =/= Sauerkraut

  1. As a chef I’m afraid I must agree with your wife on this one. Although they are both made with cabbage, one involves adding dressing and the other involves rotting. I am not a fan of “sour crout,” primarily because of its bitter and funky taste.

  2. They are very much not the same! Sauerkraut (note the German word for cabbage in there) is pretty much a fact of the Midwest, you’re going to be asked/forced to try one variety or another at some point if you live here.
    Coleslaw (note the daintier Latin/English word for cabbage) is a more boring and civilized picnic/salad bar food, and I have yet to see a local farmer’s-market vendor boasting six kinds of coleslaw. This may be in part because coleslaw, unlike the saurkrauts, is not an acceptable topping for that other staple, BEER BRATS.

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