#839 – T’wern’t Nothin’ Civil ‘Bout It


Is there anything more boring than talking about war? Especially the damn Civil War? Every time I tell someone I teach history, they invariably say something to the effect of, “Oh, I/my son/my brother loves history! Isn’t the Civil War/World War II just the most interesting thing ever?” And inside my head, I’m screaming, “No, no, it’s not!” There’s lots of other things out there more interesting than those two stupid wars.

And I don’t know why this always happens with history. No one learns someone is an accountant and then says, “Man, addition. What an amazing mathematical operation!” or, “So, any fascinating audits lately?”

8 thoughts on “#839 – T’wern’t Nothin’ Civil ‘Bout It

  1. I’m a chef, and I often hear “Really, what’s your best recipe?” (I’m a friggin chef, they all rock, otherwise they wouldn’t be my recipe.) But, I usually just say my pot roast because most people like beef.

  2. Probably because the only thing any of us learned about in school was the Civil War, over and over and over again. I hated the limited time we spent learning about the explorers. It was just learning a boring bunch of names and dates and places, but I have LOVED teaching it to Bash this year! There are so very many great stories about each explorer, and it’s been really neat learning about them in a different way. Our favorite was how Christopher Columbus’ ships got eaten by worms and so he was stranded on an island in the Caribbean where the “Indians” refused to feed him 🙂

    1. I know, it’s so frustrating! I would love to spend time on the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, even looking at the Homestead Act and the Grange Movement, but there’s no time! A bunch of that stuff doesn’t even appear on the SOLs anymore.

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