#835 – Decisons, Decisions


The hardest choice I make each day is trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.


7 thoughts on “#835 – Decisons, Decisions

    1. Decide4U has a variety of affordable plans available, depending on the quantity and type of decisions you need made. And you can sing whatever you like at Valerie, I’ve got her psyche good and broken in when it comes to tolerating songs.

  1. My wife makes me decide what we will eat for dinner, and then shoots down all my ideas. I dislike picky eaters; me, I can and will eat anything. A very frustrating combination.

    1. My wife often does the same thing to me, though not because she’s picky; my wife will eat pretty much anything, though when she gets too hungry she gets hangry and will say “no” to anything I suggest.

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