#820 – Let It Go


Look, I totally get that this is one of the few movies for children that depicts girls as being independent and capable and off doing their own thing and not needing a guy. That’s awesome. But it doesn’t hide the fact that the songs are mediocre at best and there’s only about ten minutes of actual plot to the thing.

Yeah, that’s right: I said “Let It Go” was mediocre. Come at me, Internet.

2 thoughts on “#820 – Let It Go

  1. They could’ve milked a decent half hour cartoon out of it. And cut “Let it go.” You know… for time.

  2. “Let It Go” sounded like a Big Finale song, and it wasn’t. All it did was highlight to me how most of her soul-searching and her life as a scandalous sexy ice-hermit happened within the space of single song — actually, didn’t that whole “endless winter” last like two days? I feel like they made the stakes too high (Death! Ruin! Endless winter!) but couldn’t decide on a main character(s) to flesh out and make it matter. All song and dance, no focus. Like those musicals made from pop songs or cat poems. 😛
    I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t live up to the “even adults will love it!” hype for me. Also, kidnapper trolls. What…?

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