Sketch a Day, Day 58

So I’m a bit sick today (and yesterday as well, come to mention it), and I wasn’t really all that aware when I got up this morning to get ready for work. I grabbed a dark t-shirt that I was reasonably certain was just solid black (I own, like, three shirts of this nature, so there was a good chance), grab the button-down shirt I was going to wear (black with pinstripes), and head off to work (yes, I was also wearing pants and shoes and such. Those articles of clothing aren’t really relevant to the discussion here). I went through most of the day in a haze, though at one point I did notice that the t-shirt seemed a bit faded or off-color somehow. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realized it was because I had put on a navy blue t-shirt instead of a black one.

Yes, truly this is the worst thing that has happened in the history of ever: a guy who doesn’t really give two shakes of someone else’s leg made a fashion faux pas. And then blogged about it. Twenty-first century, everyone!

I couldn't find a navy marker, so this is as good as it gets.

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