#1896 – Death From Above


Spent the weekend wrestling with my niece and nephew. I’m exhausted and slightly broken.


#1479 – Phone It In

The other night, while I was drawing, I got a FaceTime call. Thinking it was my brother, I accepted, only to be confronted with the grinning face of my four-year-old niece. She proceeded to spend he next ten minutes taking me on a tour of the house while talking about the play date she’d had with some friends the day before.

In short, my niece is more adorable than yours, and I’ll fight you if you say otherwise.

#674 – Diapers


I spent the weekend visiting family ever so briefly to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. I stayed with my brother and his wife, who happen to half a 19 month old baby running around. My niece is absolutely adorable, though capable of creating the stickiest diapers known to man.

Seriously, those things are like a war crime.

Sketch a Day, Day 320


Having my niece over this weekend has been wonderful. I’m glad we had the opportunity to babysit her for my brother, and it makes me wish they lived closer. I’m sure by the next time I get to see her, she’ll be walking and talking. They grow up so fast.

Sketch a Day, Day 252


Apologies for the radio silence these last few days. I’ve been visiting my brother, his wife, and their newborn daughter for the past few days and traveling to my mother’s house. My wife, bless her, is a little unsure of how to handle babies. It all worked out okay in the end, though.

More comics are forthcoming later today.