#2137 – It’s What’s For Dinner


So much red meat.


#1360 – Comma Sense

It’s my mom’s birthday on Sunday, and she asked me to make a comic for her. She had me proofread, edit, and type up all of her papers when she was renewing her teaching license in the early 1990s. I learned a lot about writing from that, though she’s just as prone to excessive comma usage as I am.

Weekend Update #44 – Mom


“What do you want for Christmas, mom?” I asked during our weekly phone conversation a couple of weeks ago.

“You don’t have to get me anything,” she replied, as she does every year.

“Seriously, mom, what would you like?” I pressed.

Finally, she said shed like a comic about herself. “You can even make fun of me, if you want,” she said, then added that I could post it on the website if I wanted,

So, for the last two weeks, I’ve pondered and considered and thought. I’m not sure I can make fun of my mother in a comic. It just doesn’t feel right.

But we’ll see. I’ve told her the electronic version will be up before the holiday, and that I’ll mail a physical copy to her this week. I think I have an idea, but we’ll see if I can make it translate to the comic or not.

In the meantime, have a quick sketch of me and my mom.