#1482 – Christmas Vacation 2016, Day 1

On Tuesday, the Wife and I drove 850 miles in 15 hours to visit her aunt and uncle on their farm in Missouri. It was a daunting voyage, to be sure, and for a time we felt we may have to live in the car.


Service Interruption

Sorry, no new comic today. I spent all day Monday running around preparing for our trip to visit family for Christmas, and we are leaving at 5:30 Tuesday morning. Getting a comic done was not in the cards. 

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#1479 – Phone It In

The other night, while I was drawing, I got a FaceTime call. Thinking it was my brother, I accepted, only to be confronted with the grinning face of my four-year-old niece. She proceeded to spend he next ten minutes taking me on a tour of the house while talking about the play date she’d had with some friends the day before.

In short, my niece is more adorable than yours, and I’ll fight you if you say otherwise.

#1477 – Blacklisted

I came home to find the Wife watching this. It received a ridiculous number of critical accolades, and I just…cannot understand why. It’s not even a particularly good example of the crime procedural style. If you want one with a crook working with the authorities, try White. Ollie, which at least had a sense of humor about itself.