The Sketch a Day Project

So, the 365th day of the Sketch a Day was a pretty freakin’ huge success, if I do say so myself.

My usual page views per day range from somewhere around 20-30. Fifty, on a good day.

But for Sketch 365? I pulled in 448 page views, more than double my previous best day back in April (220 page views that day).

So yeah, I was pretty chuffed about that. Felt good, felt kinda humbling, too, though, ’cause I usually worry that my stuff is pretty half-assed and I constantly second guess myself. To have so many people come and take a look at my stuff and express their enjoyment of it is rather lovely, I think.

The Sketch a Day isn’t going away. I’m enjoying it, and it feels like I’m finally finding a pretty good audience. And honestly, if even a handful of the new visitors stick around, it’ll be nice.

5 thoughts on “The Sketch a Day Project

  1. If you didn’t see it – you were feature in the Daily Post 🙂 (They were discussing that for those people who thought the November write every day challenge was too short, people could post every day, like you!)

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