Rockin’ in the Free World

So I’m putting together an honest-to-God rock and roll band, just because.

I figure, why not? I’ve got some decent songs, I can sing and play rhythm guitar well enough, and I’ve got a songwriting partner who can also do some singin’. We just need the rest of the instruments.

So far, I’ve found a bass player who’d work perfectly, and a lead guitarist who may or may not be a good fit (need to try him out with the songwriting partner in attendance). What we’re having trouble with, though, is finding a drummer. Apparently good roots rock drummers are hard to come by in Northern Virginia. If I were doing metal, I’d be in like Flynn, but alas, I have taste.

So yeah, if anyone knows of a good drummer in the Northern Virginia/Greater DC metro, area, please let me know. It would be nice to have a full rhythm section.

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