Oh, Denim

A month or so back, I went to a concert with my friend/songwriting partner, Emily. We were very excited to see the main act, Jesse Malin. The opening act, though? Not so much.

See, apparently he was some guy who’d used to play in a band with Jesse, but hadn’t really moved on to bigger and better things afterward. No, he was still pretty convinced it was 1991, that trying to cram as many curse words into your opening song was “cool” and, possibly, “edgy,” and that wearing a denim jacket with jeans was a fashion statement (which, in his defense, it was. Just not the statement he thought it was).

Regardless, our opinion of this guy and his music was rather low. Terribly low. We had to invent new language to describe how much we disliked this sub-Bon Jovi, sensitive-guy whiner belting out his acoustic power ballads set to G, C, and D. It was painful.

But it was also, in a way, inspirational: Emily and I both walked away after hearing Double-Denim Poser Boy (as we’d dubbed the man in his late 40s who was still trying desperately to pretend he was 25) with a mission: to write a song about the guy. And we each did. Quite fun songs, I should say.

Anyway, long story short (or not so short), here’s my version. Enjoy.
Double Denim Poser Boy (Version 1)

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