The Avett Brothers Live in Baltimore

On Saturday, October 16th, I saw the Avett Brothers at Pier 6 in Baltimore, Maryland. They put on a hell of a show, even if I do find it bizarre that what is essentially an old-timey string band has become as popular as these guys have (seriously, there were way too many douchey frat guys at this thing. Way too many). That aside, they are very entertaining, and their live show is full of energy and humor. The guitar player spends most of the show running in place for some reason, the banjo player keeps hopping back and forth between the banjo and the piano, and the cellist carries his cello around while playing.

You can't tell, but the guitarist is running in place.Songs that felt rather staid and flat on studio recordings come alive in this setting. The guys in the band are all energetic and clearly love what they’re doing, though I sometimes wonder how they manage to keep singing night after night (what with all the shout-singing they seem to do). These guys can holler, let me tell you.

The band’s following is clearly just as passionate and energetic as the band themselves are. People were singing along, dancing, and jumping around as though this were the greatest event in their lives. It would’ve been hard not to have a good time, honestly, even if this wasn’t a type of music you’re particularly in to.

On top of all that, they had Grace Potter and the Nocturnals open for them, and those folks can put on a hell of a show, too. They struck me as sort of a CCR fronted by a Janis Joplin type, and that’s something I can really get behind.

All in all, the show was really quite good. The only downside was the venue. The Pier 6 Concert Pavilion is an outdoor tent-type thing (which is fine in and of itself), but the organization and security presence at the show seemed poor at best. My friend used the ATM and didn’t receive her money out of it, there were almost no venue personnel around, leaving everyone to find their seats by themselves and leaving no one to enforce the rules (such as the no smoking rule which everyone around me seemed to ignore). I don’t think I’d want to see another show at that venue, honestly.

But hey, it was a damn good concert anyway.

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