Doctor Who, Old and New

Finally sat down earlier this week and watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who. I’m still not quite sure what I think of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. He’s definitely strange looking, and it’s pretty clear that both the writers and the actor are still trying to find the right voice and characterization for the new Doctor, but it’s got some promise. The wife isn’t quite so convinced, but she was kinda in love with David Tennant, so I think I have to take her opinion with a rather large grain of salt. I do quite like the new Companion. Amy Pond seems like a strong character, one who is in many ways the Doctor’s equal. They seem to have a bit of an adversarial relationship (something I really enjoyed during Donna Noble’s time as Companion), and I think the show is always at its best when the Doctor’s Companion is someone who can go toe to toe with him rather than a simpering whiner.

I also watched an old Tom Baker Doctor Who serial this week, The Ark in Space. It’s striking just how different Baker’s Doctor is from any of the revived series’ Doctors. For one, he’s meaner and talks a whole hell of a lot less. There’s also much less running involved (the revived series seems to be all about running, I’ve noticed). Ark was an interesting story, and it’s interesting to see a time when the Doctor didn’t just use the sonic screwdriver to solve every single problem (I think the tool became a bit of a crutch during the revived series; I mean, it basically does whatever the writers wanted it to, which can lead to lazy writing).

Anyway, I’ll be watching the new Doctor Who with interest. Don’t care for the new opening, though.

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