The Pull List for February 24th

It’s that time again: comics!

Wonder Woman #41: Mostly just an excuse for Wonder Woman and Power Girl to have a little throwdown, but it works pretty well. In typical superhero fashion, this leads to an inevitable team-up. Simone’s dialogue sparkles as usual, and the characterization between the two is swell. The way Wonder Woman defeats the Crows (those obnoxious, mind-manipulating little bastards who are causing all the trouble) is fairly novel, too, the gag about Wonder Woman needing Power Girl to tie her up is amusing, and seeing Power Girl use something other than her fists and her cleavage to accomplish something is nice, too. Could have probably done without the hot dog bit, though.

Batman and Robin #9: This issue wraps up Cameron Stewart’s three-issue run on the title, and damn it was a fun ride. Morrison throws several crazy ideas at us, from Batwoman letting herself die and trusting Batman to bring her back, to using Knight and Squire effectively (seriously, how come we only see these guys in Morrison-penned comics?), to the battle between the fake Batman and Robin & Alfred; everything just really worked. We even get a bit of justification for Dick Grayson’s apparent inconsistency with regards to using the Lazarus Pit to revive Bruce Wayne, even if it doesn’t quite fully explain things. Overall, a solid issue.

Deadpool #20: A definite improvement over the previous issue, though it still felt pretty weak (especially compared to the whacked-out zaniness of the previous storyline). Some of the bits between Deadpool and Spider-Man were pretty good (and the dress was a fantastically left field thing to throw in), but the continued use of Hit-Monkey kind of drags the proceedings down quite a bit. We’ll see if this story justifies its existence next issue.

As far as trades go, I picked up the Immortal Weapons TPB, a collection of one-shots featuring the immortal weapons of the 7 Cities of Heaven from Immortal Iron Fist. Haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but the Fat Cobra story was pretty decent, and I heard good things about most (if not all) of the stories in this collection, so huzzah.

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