Snow Won’t Stop New Comics!

Despite the several feet of snow on the ground here in Northern Virginia, I managed to get out yesterday to the comic book store and pick up my books for the week. Pretty light haul, but what it lacked in quantity it made up in quality!

Batman and Robin #8: Cameron Stewart’s art continues to dazzle in its clarity and pure awesomeness, and Grant Morrison writes a story that’s clever and full of crazy ideas. Plus, he draws on stuff from Final Crisis and his earlier run on Batman to pull out a crazy twist with the body of “Bruce Wayne” that’s pretty cool. This series is awesome, plain and simple.

Secret Six #18: The final part of the Six’s Blackest Night tie-in does everything right. I didn’t even mind that it’s a tie-in to an event I’m not even following. We get the resolution of the fight between the Six and the Suicide Squad, some great lines from Ragdoll (finding out along the way the one thing in the world that can actually disgust him), and a nice little twist reveal at the end that sets up (I hope) some future stories and conflicts. If you’re not following Gail Simone’s Secret Six, shame on you!

I also picked up volume 2 of All-Star Superman. It’s easily one of the best comic books – and hands-down the best Superman story – I’ve ever read. Everything about it is pitch-perfect, from the tone of the stories to the brilliant art by Frank Quitely to the touching moments that show us the “man” is just as important as the “super.” Oh, and giving Clark Kent the headline? Absolute perfection. If you haven’t read this comic, there’s a giant gaping hole where your soul should be.

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