Snow Day Means Comics!

Snow day, school was closed, so I got to get my comics today instead of the weekend! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Invincible Iron Man #23: Actually a rather disappointing issue, as it turns out. Not much of anything really happens; Fraction just gets players into place for the final issue of the Stark Disassembled storyline. The art also isn’t all that great; Stark’s face isn’t consistent from panel to panel, and he and Dr. Strange look way too similar. There is a nice bit between Pepper Potts and Maria Hill that’ll make for an interesting little confrontation when Stark does finally wake up next issue (’cause, c’mon, we know that’s what’s gonna happen here), but this really just feels like a setup for the finale.

Doom Patrol #7: Not a bad issue, per se, but also pretty underwhelming. We see the aftermath of the Black Laterns’ attack from a couple of issues ago, an old character gets dredged up from Grant Morrison’s run, and a new story is set in motion with what looks to be competing Doom Patrols. This could have a nice payoff later, but I’m just not seeing it yet. The issue also featured the final Metal Men co-feature, and I was pretty underwhelmed by that as well. The art was great as always, but the humor seemed forced and the ending just didn’t do anything for me. It feels rather like they were expecting to have longer to work with this than they did, but that’s merely idle speculation on my part.

Also picked up the first J. Michael Straczynski Thor trade, just to give it a go. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve heard good and bad, and the fact that it’s set in my native Oklahoma has me a little concerned (rarely is my home state portrayed well in popular culture; I mean, not that Oklahoma often does much to be proud of, but not everyone there is a bumpkin named Cletus).

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