Sketch a Day, Day 115

This actually sorta happened.  Except for the hugging bit, really.

Being a teacher – especially one who works with students with exceptional needs – often feels like a thankless uphill struggle. It’s often difficult to see what little progress is being made, if any. Many days, it feels like you’ve slipped backwards.

But then there are the days…then, there are the days when a student says something, or does something, or reveals that they’ve actually been learning from you, that you’ve managed to get through to them, that you’ve had an impact.

Those are the good days.

My wife had one of those days today. I don’t think she actually hugged the student who said this, but I think she really wanted to.

Sometimes, you have one of the good days, and you remember why you do this job with the low pay and the long hours and the politicians using you as a talking point in a battle over spending cuts. Sometimes, it’s worth it to be a teacher.

Stupid Weather

Look, I’m a teacher. I love my job, I love working and all, but I also love snow days. They are one of the perks of the job: when the weather outside is frightful, I get to sleep in while the rest of the schmucks telecommute or, hell, even actually drive into work through the snow. If we don’t get a snow day once in awhile, I feel like we’re really not getting all of our benefits.

All that being said: why the hell have we not had a single damn snow day yet? The dustings we’ve had this winter? Pathetic. While everyone around us has had inches upon inches of snow dumped upon them in some sorta winter wonderland (for example, my wife’s uncle just mentioned that where he is in Westchester County, NY, is getting between 16 and 22 inches of snow tonight, while we will get…um…maybe 1 to 3), we’ve been sitting here, waiting to see if we’ll get any sort of snow. Nothin’ worth writing home about so far, though.

So c’mon, weather: let’s get with the program, huh?