#2117 – Nine Nine


It’s an amazing show, really.


#1477 – Blacklisted

I came home to find the Wife watching this. It received a ridiculous number of critical accolades, and I just…cannot understand why. It’s not even a particularly good example of the crime procedural style. If you want one with a crook working with the authorities, try White. Ollie, which at least had a sense of humor about itself.

#1350 – Watching Television

It happens all the time: the Wife will put on a TV show that she likes and I’m indifferent to, then she’ll go outside to talk on the phone to relatives for hours on end, leaving the show running. 

#817 – Clone War Blues


I’ve been watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a few weeks now. Blew through a couple of seasons over Memorial Day Weekend. It’s actually pretty well done, considering it’s a cartoon bridging the gap between two of the prequel movies.